Printed Cards & Envelope Packs

Custom Printed Envelopes

Here at Envelopes4U we make it our aim to provide you with an abundance of quality products for your wedding stationary and other special occasions, and for your own card making and crafting, all along with a good range of materials and supplies needed to make your creations truly special.  However, we are also extremely proud to offer you an exclusive choice of beautiful printed cards and envelope packs, using the same standard of high-quality materials we are known to provide across our online shop.  These can be bought as a set, or you can bulk buy just one of the designs to suit your needs.

Our printed card packs feature various ‘curious’ sayings and well-known quotes from Lewis Carol’s best-selling stories Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  Beloved, and rather enchanting characters such as The Mad Hatter, White Rabbit and Alice herself are either featured on the front of the cards, or quoted on these wonderful designs.

Custom Printed Cards

These printed cards were custom designed especially for Envelopes4U, by designer Stuart Gibbard.  The lettering, as well as the colours and decorative design of each of the four themed Alice in Wonderland cards, perfectly reflect the choice of books that have inspired these packs of cards and the chosen custom printed envelopes that match.  The choices of envelopes are amethyst, indigo, soft blue and yellow, all in the size 6 x 6 inches or 155mm x 155mm, which is a square envelope.  We also have this size available in a huge selection of other colours for you to choose from.  So, should you want to mix and match these printed cards with other colours, then we can provide you with the correct sizes.

These cards can be used for a number of occasions, from a quick greeting to a dear friend via post, to an invitation to your own themed tea party.  If you do have a tea party planned, and would like some invitations to send out to each of your guests, then we recommend you buy these custom printed cards in a set.  You an get a set of 4, which includes one of each of the designs, or a pack of 16 or 24.  So, no matter what size of party you’re planning, we have the deals available to match.

To express confidence in someone about to embark on a new adventure, or to congratulate a loved one on buying their dream house, landing the job they always wanted, or passing their exams, give them a card with the inspirational quote “The only way to achieve the impossible, is to believe it is possible”.

Here we have just a selection of custom-made products available, and we encourage you to keep checking in on our site to see if what other new and beautiful custom printed cards and envelopes we may have available next.  Whatever exclusive custom printed cards and envelopes we choose to stock, we can always guarantee they will be of the best standard available.

For more information of our printed cards and envelope packs, please feel free to contact us