Rsvp Envelopes - C7, 95x122mm

Rsvp Envelopes

RSVP Envelopes

C7 Envelopes

With many different colours and textures in our C7 range of envelopes, you will always find the right C7 envelope for your project. Predominantly used as a RSVP envelope, these C7 envelopes match all the other sized envelopes we stock in colour and texture.

Our C7 pearlescent & metallic envelopes are very popular with the professional wedding stationery designers and for the individual designing their own wedding stationery for their special day. These popular range of C7 envelopes give your stationery an extra special touch.

Our high quality C7 textured envelopes are also perfect for that extra special occasion. They have been a big success with wedding themed stationery. Our textured C7 envelopes have an extra feel of quality. Available in White Hammered and Ivory Hammered these envelopes won't let you down.

As well as being the ideal RSVP envelopes these C7 envelopes are also made to measure for enclosing lottery scratch cards. Why not use as a wedding favour and give one to each of your guests giving them the chance of winning the lottery the evening of your wedding day.