C5 100% Recycled Light Blue Envelopes – One Hundred Units

These envelopes use our new range of E4U Cor Colours. A smooth surfaced, 120gsm paper (170micron +/- 3%) containing 100% recycled fibres. 

This new ordering system ensures that you get the exact amount of envelopes that you need, simply add the single unit and/or hundred unit listing to your basket and change the quantities accordingly.

Our paper is made mostly from till receipts and is entirely chlorine free. We use a mixture of:

– 20% Woodfree Mill’s Waste

– 20% Woodfree Unprinted Waste

– 60% Woodfree Printed (Post consumer) Waste


Due to the nature of the recycled raw material, there can be shade variations between batches.

Paper Mill is ISO 14001 Certified

£27.00 : inc VAT - £22.50 ex VAT

Eco Friendly Features


Colour Range

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