Business Envelopes Brackley

Business envelopes are still an important part of corporate correspondence. Yes, emails and instant messaging services are popular too, but nothing beats a letter. It’s cheap and looks professional, and that reflects positively on the company. There is no better way to impress clients and customers than with high-quality business envelopes.

Plus, it’s a personal thing to receive and open a letter. Customers and clients will appreciate the fact you’ve gone the extra mile rather than sent an email which ends up in the trash folder.

How Can Envelopes4U Help?

We use our experience and expertise to provide you with the best quality business envelopes in the Brackley area and all over the country. Without our DL range, you’ll appear as professional as possible thanks to the window on our self-seal products. Recipients expect to be able to see a few important lines of text to distinguish who the letter is for and who it may be.

However, if you prefer to put the name and address on the front of the envelope, we have a non-window option too. They both measure 110x220mm and weigh 90 GSM. Plus, the self-seal feature means they come with no extra hassle. Simply fold the paper and fit it inside your business envelope and press down the edges.

There’s no licking needed.

What If You Want To Stand Out?

We get it – white or manilla packaging can be a bit boring. Sure, it looks professional but people want a little excitement these days. Simple and basic aren’t two features the average recipient respects in the 21st-century. It’s, for this reason, we provide our customers with our DL coloured Peel & Seal envelopes. Available in a range of different shades, your message will stand out above the rest of the mail depending on the choice.

For example, you can catch their eye with a jet black number. Not too many letters arrive in a black casing, so we believe it’s an incredibly effective method. If you want to go a tad bolder, there is a dark red option too. This is a popular product because companies use it to evoke powerful feelings.

Even our cream option is nicer than the traditional white colour associated with business envelopes and letters.

How About Safety?

Sometimes, it’s necessary to post big, bulky items which need securing. Thankfully, our business envelopes service here in Brackley includes board back envelopes. This means everything inside is guaranteed throughout the transportation process. It even comes with a warning not to bend on the cover.

What About The Planet?

It’s tempting to assume that your business envelope needs in Brackley are harmful to the environment. However, we have that base covered thanks to our range of eco-friendly features which we incorporate into our products. Take our 100% recycled Kraft options. Where possible, we try and give back to the planet so that our customers can be safe in the knowledge they aren’t doing harm.

With us, you can offer your base what they want – a professional service which places importance on the environment.

For us, it’s clear our range of superior products are the perfect choice for your business envelope needs in Brackley.