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Envelopes4U make it their business to provide you with a huge range of envelopes and card stock to fit every possible need, from office supplies to greeting cards and personal stationary needs and usages. Here you will find a choice of high-quality plain 80 x 215mm white envelopes, as well as colours such as Ivory, purple and black 80 x 215mm,100gsm envelopes.

The stock we have in black, ivory and 80 x 215mm purple envelopes are perfect for fitting in thin folded cards, which are the equivalent to A5 folded lengthwise. The weight per square metre (gsm) of all of our envelopes ensures that when they are sent through the post to any party, they still look as good as the day you posted them. To understand envelope sizes please see our guide.

When it comes to card stock and envelopes, we know that variety is needed to suit the many needs of the sender, the recipients and the occasions. For example, for wedding invitations, stationary that highlights the beauty of this special occasion is a must. You may have chosen a very unique theme that requires a particular colour, such as our 80 x 215mm black envelopes, or you may have a more traditional look and want our 80 x 215mm ivory envelopes.

We can also supply a mixture of black envelopes at 100gsm, our beautiful ivory 100gsm envelopes, purple envelopesand100gsmquality white envelopes, to order for your own cardmaking craft designs and supplies.

We also keep, in this size, a stock of ribbed kraft envelopes,100gsmquality and 80 x 215mm recycled fleck kraft envelopes, to add more texture to a card design and stock. The recycled fleck kraft envelopes at 100gsmwe have available, are eco-friendly and help us all to cut down on paper wastage, without compromising on quality.

So, whether you need 80 x 215mm ribbed kraft envelopes for your shop stock or own needs, coloured envelopes in this size or plain white envelopes 100gsm, we have everything you could need, here at Envelopes4U. Contact us today should you require any more information.