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At Envelopes4U we supply huge quantities of beautiful card stock, envelopes of various sizes and colours, as well as a number of craft supplies. As a large supplier of materials made for wedding stationery, guest and event invitations, and for the many artists involved in hand crafted card making, we have chosen to provide our customers with plenty of eco-friendly products, including eco-friendly envelopes and bio-degradable display bags.

The use of plastic materials is an ever-growing concern for people around the world. Environmentally concerned organisations discourage people from using single-use plastics for packaging purposes in order to reduce the amount of plastic waste going to landfills and effecting our oceans. By using these products, you can keep your beautifully hand-crafted pieces in tip-top condition, exhibiting them at the same time as keeping the environment from further harm.

Not only that, but they look every bit as professional as the standard cello bags on the market and are available as a compostable self seal display bag, making it easier for you to give your crafted creations the completed polished look they deserve, when you pull the tape from the seal and close up your hand crafted and bespoke cards.

Our environmentally friendly items can also be used to package a number of other items, such as a painting or a fabric piece, and can keep it from damage, such as during transit in a padded envelope in the post. The choice of sizes we have available, makes it possible for you to match the size you need to your item perfectly.

Each of these can be matched to sell along with any of our envelopes, so that you can be sure of the sizes and dimensions you need for your cards and envelopes. The bio-degradable display bags for envelopes listed on this page, gives you both the size and a choice of different quantities, depending on your needs.

The compostable seal bags are PLA (Polylactic Acid) film bags. This is a material that is produced from annually renewable resources such as corn and other sugar starches. The bags are officially approved by European standard EN 13432, as well as the ‘OK’ biobased certificate from Vincotte, as a material that meets the qualities required to be classed as an environmentally friendly product.

The biodegradable display bags break down quickly converting into CO2, water and organic biomass, preventing damage or any permanent mark on our wonderful planet. It can also be incinerated without producing pollutants or harm to your personal health.

To get a good idea of what these products can be used for, and to choose the right materials, please check out the useful information pages. For any other information, please contact us.