Envelope Size Tolerances, Product Images & Flap Closures

Envelopes Sizes.

Normal machinery variances in the envelope manufacturing industry are +/- 2mm. This occurs because as machinery runs, it heats up, and metal expands. In addition, normal wear in cylinders and bearings can cause subtle variations in cutting location and folding scores. As a result, your envelope may be slightly larger or slightly smaller than you ordered. The window position if applicable may be slightly off. The key word here is “slightly” because 2mm” is very small. We will along with our envelope manufacturer make every attempt to hold tolerance, but if your application requires an exact measurement, it’s best to contact us prior to placing orders in order to check that the product will satisfy your requirements.

Envelope Images & Closing Flaps. 

We use a number of factories to produce our envelopes. These factories have their own different cutting tools for each of the standard size envelopes ie C7, C6, 5×7, C5, 5×5, 6×6 as well as all of the more unusual sizes we have on our site. These cutting tools may differ in design even though the overall size of the envelope may be the same. One aspect of the design difference which may be evident is the profile of the closing flap. Some of our factories produce envelopes which have a much more rounded point to the closing flap. Our product images for our envelopes will be representative of the envelope design that we predominantly hold in stock. However, if issues occur within our supply chain, we may supply envelopes to fulfil orders, which although meeting the size specification, may differ in design ie closing flap profile. If the closing flap profile is critical to your requirements, please contact us prior to purchasing to discuss. Once envelopes have been shipped our normal returns policy will apply.