Greeting Card Envelopes Brackley

Whether it’s an invitation to an event or it’s a marketing strategy, it’s essential to make a good first impression. With our range of greeting card envelopes, businesses in the Brackley area and beyond can impress customers and clients alike. Thanks to our wide range of colours, sizes, finishes and textures, your message will be on point from the very beginning.

And, their usage doesn’t stop there. Greeting cards are an amazing way to show your festive cheer and send thanks and good wishes to friends and family on special occasions. Whether it’s Christmas, a person’s birthday or an anniversary, greeting card envelopes are the perfect packaging to show how much you care.

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Why Not Send An Email?

In an era such as this one, we get this question a lot. And, the answer is because it’s impersonal. Sure, greeting cards and greeting card envelopes may be retro, but they are an event. A client, customer or a friend will love the experience of receiving a card and tearing it open to see what’s inside. Even adults still have a little bit of excitement left in them when they wake up to a gift.

As a result, our range of greeting card envelopes in Brackley and beyond will add value to the recipient’s experience. Let’s face facts – an email isn’t as effective.

Which Option Should You Pick?

We understand choosing an envelope is a tricky thing because you don’t know which option is the best. Thankfully, we’re here to help you and ensure your greeting card envelope is as beautifully wrapped as possible.

At the moment, our C6 envelopes are our most popular product. Measuring 114 x 162mm ( 4 1/2″ x 6 3/8″), you can fit in a piece of A4 paper which has been folded twice over. That makes them the perfect choice for a regular-sized card. Colours include:

– Candy pink
– Indigo blue
– Canary yellow
– Black, and
– Cream

See our ‘C6 Envelopes’ section for more colours and textures.

For something a little bigger, there are plenty of other alternatives. The 5×7 (133×184) greeting card envelopes have extra width and length for bulky cards. Or, there is our 125x175mm range. Probably our favourite and one our customers love is the C5 envelope. As far as greeting card envelopes go, this is brilliant for everything from wedding stationery to mail shots. It’s designed to fit an A5 card or an A4 piece of paper folded in half. We also provide Cello bags if you want to add another dimension.

Don’t forget our 89x184mm and 80x215mm ranges too for the cards that are oddly shaped. Whatever your greeting card envelope needs in Brackley, we have them covered.

Why Choose Envelopes4U?

We’ve been a specialist in the industry for years and understand the needs and wants of our customers. Plus, here at Envelopes4U, we believe in providing a high level of customer service. That’s why we go the extra mile and dispatch our orders direct to the customer as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Not only do you get professional and affordable greeting card envelopes, but you also get it a fast and superior service.