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Recycled paper has been used for many centuries, and dates back to China in the year 1031 as the earliest known records of taking pre-used paper stock and reforming it into a reusable material. Today, recycling is recognised as a vital way we can save the environment and reduce the negative impact we have on our planet. Creating just one ton of paper stock creates unnecessary greenhouse gas emissions and uses the equivalent of 17 trees that are also necessary for helping to clean and maintain our precious environment. Recycling materials means we can avoid using landfills and waste is not then dumped in our oceans.

Here at Envelopes 4U we have a substantial stock of both brown recycled envelopes and a choice of coloured recycled envelopes of varying sizes, to match you with a choice of writing paper or recycled card stock. All of our choices of recycled envelopes are created using completely recycled materials. In creating our 5×7 envelopes and the 155x155mm envelopes, 100% recycled materials make up the entire stock. Also, with our coloured C5 and C6 envelopes, 100% recycled materials have been used.

Apart from the apparent benefits to purchasing recycled paper – ordering either our coloured C6 recycled envelopes and C5 recycled envelopes, or our choice of 155x155mm and 5×7 brown recycled envelopes – it is also a favoured option in modern times because of the rustic and natural feel, texture, and look you can achieve from doing so. Using recycled materials has an aesthetic all of its own. Vintage upcycled and recycled materials are now considered a fashionable commodity, and a popular way of creating new styles and crafting new looks.

When it comes to crafting, such as the card making that a lot of our customers lovingly engage in, then choosing recycled envelopes really does provide a fantastic match with a handcrafted piece. Pairing a popular rustic, earthy and vintage crafting style with the choice of brown recycled envelopes, available from Envelopes 4U, will look fantastic. Whether you want large C5 envelopes 100% recycled, or small recycled envelopes for your crafting, we also have a wonderful choice of colours to match whatever greeting cards you want to create. We also have biodegradable display bags available.

Apart from the pleasing aesthetics or even the added charm, that comes from creating and using a recycled item, the quality that can now be achieved from recycled materials is not far off the look that can be achieved from any brand new materialled supplies. The only difference being, that when we have batches of recycled envelopes that have being created from used paper, the colour and shades may vary between each order of stock. We therefore recommend, that if you have an event or particular need for our envelopes and you want them to be in the exact same shade, that you buy the bulk of what you require in one order.

So, for a choice of coloured C5 or C6 recycled envelopes, or for our stock of brown 155×155 or 5 x 7 envelopes – 100% Recycled – order from us today.