5 x 7 (133 x 184mm) Colorplan Stone Envelopes 135gsm Gummed Diamond Flap

Colorplan Envelopes for 5 x 7 Cards

Size 133 x 184mm (5 1/4″ x 7 1/4″)


Gummed Diamond Flap (Please note flap shap may differ slightly from image. Please contact us for clarification if necessary)

Also available in C6 (6″ x 4″ / 162x114mm)

Envelope size tolerances are +/- 2mm. This occurs because as machinery runs, it heats up, and metal expands. In addition, normal wear in cylinders and bearings can cause subtle variations in cutting location and folding scores. As a result, your envelope may be slightly larger or slightly smaller than you ordered.