Black and Gold Envelope – Stylish and Elegance in Look

The black C6 Envelopes are the perfect finishing touch for a modern black and white invitation, or if you need a fun finishing contact for an invite to a cocktail party, the C6 Matte Black envelopes are the perfect finishing touch. They are both bold and classic.

Definitions of Envelope Sizes in the C Series

The dimensions of a C envelope are defined as the geometric mean of the dimensions of an A envelope of the same number. Therefore, the dimensions of a C4 envelope are the geometric mean of the dimensions of an A4 and a B4 envelope. A C4 envelope, for example, is the ideal size for an unfurled A4 sheet of paper because it is halfway between the two sizes.

Note that C format envelopes also have an aspect ratio of 1: 2, so an A4 sheet folded in parallel with its shortest sides will fit in a C5 envelope and folded twice will fit in a C6 envelope.

The following illustrations compare the dimensions of the C4, C5, and C6 envelopes to those of a standard sheet of A4 paper (the Envelope being shown in brown with the paper delivered as grey). From the first illustration, a single A4 sheet fits into a C4 envelope, halved crosswise A4 sheets fit into a C5 envelope, and A4 sheets double halved crosswise fit into a C6 envelope (an A6 sheet). For this reason, you may also come across the terms “A4 envelope size,” “A5 envelope size,” and “A6 envelope size” when referring to various formats.

The C6 Envelope (114 x 162). If you’re sending an A6 card, you’ll need a C6 envelope (which is exactly one-quarter of an A4 page). You can fit a 4×6 picture in a C6 envelope, too.

Before buying envelopes, please ensure they are the correct size for your invitation or card. The envelope needs to be larger by at least 5mm in both directions and more for thicker/multiple cards. If you order the wrong size or colour of the envelope or change your mind.


  • Lamp black 120gsm smooth matte paper stock makes black C6 envelopes.
  • This wallet-style peel-and-seal envelope is 115 x 162 mm and can accommodate up to 110 x 157 mm invitations.
  • Paper and card stock in the same matte black hue as C6 are a good fit. Both common and uncommon sizes are available for this low price.
  • Complete with a similar interior finish, which is matte and subtly textured.
  • Compatibility: A6 paper and card stock (a quarter the size of A4)
  • Distinctive: a flap with gummed tissue


Modern Black C6 Envelopes must function faultlessly in many printers and inserters. This is when skill and experience come in handy. During the phase of its lifecycle in which it is used as a raw production material, the product must be unusually consistent. The time and resources spent on making the mailer must be minimised if the project is to be successful. 

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