Wedding Invitation with Envelope: Exploring Luxury Options

Every detail matters. From the dress to the flowers, we understand the importance of creating a memorable experience for you and your guests. That’s why our wedding invitations with envelopes are designed to add an elegant touch to your special day. With a blend of timeless charm and modern sophistication, our collection is sure to impress. Let us help you set the tone for your event with our exquisite range of wedding invitations.

Exploring Luxury Wedding Envelopes

Sizes and Styles

We have a plethora of options to choose from. We can explore various sizes such as C5, C6, C7, DL, Square, 5×7, and RSVP envelopes. These different sizes cater to our specific needs based on the type of invitation we are sending.

Quality and Finishes

In our search for the perfect luxury wedding envelopes, we can opt for high-quality options available in white or ivory. We can consider envelopes with a hammer effect, linen effect, die-cut designs, or lightly textured off-white finishes. Each style offers a unique touch that can elevate our wedding invitations.

Diverse Designs for Your Special Day


At our fingertips, we have a wide array of wedding envelopes to choose from. With 11 vibrant colours and 4 different sizes available, we can effortlessly match them to our wedding theme.

Our options are endless. Whether customising with unique designs or printing our guests’ names and addresses, we can add a special touch that not only saves time but also makes each envelope truly one-of-a-kind.

Luxury Touch

Opting for luxury envelopes crafted from 130gsm paper guarantees that our wedding invitations will leave a lasting impact. The premium quality ensures durability while exuding elegance and sophistication, setting the tone for our special day.

  • Pros:

    • Customisable options for a unique touch

    • Wide range of colours and sizes to suit any theme

  • Cons:

    • Higher cost compared to standard envelopes

Printed Kraft Envelopes: A Unique Touch


When selecting printed kraft envelopes, we can choose from various sizes to suit our wedding invitations perfectly. Whether we need small, medium, or large envelopes, there’s a size for every type of invitation card.


The beauty of kraft envelopes lies in their diverse designs that cater to different themes. From simple and elegant patterns to intricate floral motifs, there is a design that resonates with the essence of our special day.


Opting for environmentally friendly kraft envelopes not only enhances the aesthetics of our wedding invitations but also aligns with our values towards sustainability. These envelopes are made from recycled materials, making them an eco-conscious choice for us.

Embracing the charm and elegance of printed kraft envelopes adds a unique dimension to our wedding stationery. The tactile feel and earthy tones create a warm and inviting touch that sets the tone for our guests even before they open the envelope. With a focus on both style and sustainability, these envelopes become more than just carriers; they become an integral part of our wedding narrative.

Celebrating Love with Special Occasion Envelopes

Sophisticated Designs

We celebrate love with special occasion envelopes, elevating our wedding stationery’s elegance. These envelopes boast intricate designs, adding a touch of sophistication to our invites.

The Printed Kraft Envelopes discussed earlier offer a unique touch, blending rustic charm with modern aesthetics. By incorporating these envelopes into our wedding suite, we create a cohesive and visually appealing theme that sets the tone for our special day.

Versatile Options

We have a plethora of options at our disposal. From wedding favours to thank you cards, each envelope serves a specific function while maintaining a consistent aesthetic throughout our event.

  • Wedding Favours: Delicate and charming envelopes hold tokens of appreciation for our guests.

  • Messages: Elegant envelopes convey heartfelt messages to loved ones.

  • Thank You Cards: Premium quality envelopes reflect gratitude in style.

Reflecting Joy and Celebration

Our choice of premium quality envelopes resonates with the joy and celebration surrounding our union. These meticulously crafted pieces symbolise not just practicality but also the emotional significance of sharing this special moment with those we hold dear.

The Elegance of Unique Textured Envelopes

Elevating Invitations

Experience the elegance of unique textured envelopes as we delve into creating exquisite wedding invitations. Select from a variety of lined envelopes available in 21 colours and 4 sizes to match your theme perfectly.

Enhance the sophistication and luxury of your invitation suite by opting for these sophisticated envelopes that add a touch of class to your special day.

Making an Impression

The envelope plays a crucial role. Choose textured envelopes that not only protect your invites but also reflect style and refinement.

The colours, styles, and textures available allow us to personalise our invitations, ensuring they stand out while setting the tone for the event.

The Charm of Pocketfold Wedding Invitations

Style & Functionality

Embrace the charm of pocket-fold wedding invitations that seamlessly blend style and functionality. These unique invites offer a sophisticated touch, setting the tone for your special day. With versatile designs, pocket fold invitations cater to various wedding themes, from rustic to elegant affairs.

Pocketfolds not only serve as an invitation but also act as a keepsake for guests to cherish. The added element of surprise when unfolding the invite adds an extra layer of excitement and anticipation for the event. By opting for pocket-fold invitations, we can elevate our wedding stationery game with a touch of elegance and practicality.

Multiple Cards Inclusion

Pocketfold invitations stand out by allowing us to include multiple cards within one neat package. From RSVP cards to directions and accommodation details, these invites ensure that all essential information is presented in an organised and cohesive manner. This feature streamlines communication with guests, making it easier for them to respond promptly and plan their attendance effectively.

  • Easy organisation

  • Streamlined communication

Cohesive Stationery Look

Opting for pocket fold invitations enables us to create a cohesive look across all our wedding stationery elements. By incorporating matching place cards, menus, and thank-you notes within the same design theme as our invites, we can achieve a harmonious aesthetic that ties everything together beautifully. This attention to detail enhances the overall guest experience and leaves a lasting impression on attendees.

Crafting Your Perfect Invitation: Custom Designs

Personalised Touch

We love the idea of crafting our perfect invitation with custom-designed wedding envelopes. By personalising them with unique fonts, sizes, styles, and colours, we can truly reflect our personalities. This tailored approach ensures that our invitations stand out and set the tone for our special day.

Address Printing Services

Opting for address printing services not only saves us time but also adds a personal touch to our RSVPs, thank you cards, and more. It streamlines the process of sending out invitations while maintaining a cohesive look across all stationery items. With this service, we can focus on other aspects of wedding planning knowing that our invites are taken care of.

The Timeline for Ordering Your Wedding Stationery

Planning Ahead

We need to plan by understanding the timeline for ordering. This includes custom-designed invitations and matching envelopes. To ensure a stress-free process, we should start this at least six to eight months before the big day.

Ensuring Timely Delivery

To avoid any last-minute rush or delays, we must order well in advance. This allows time for any design changes or personalisation requests. By doing so, we can guarantee that everything is perfect and ready on time for the wedding.

Staying Organised

Setting deadlines for ordering various stationery items such as favour boxes, place cards, and envelope seals is crucial. By establishing these timelines early on, we can stay organised and have everything prepared well in advance of the wedding date. This ensures that every detail is taken care of smoothly.

Final Remarks

In crafting your dream wedding invitations, we’ve explored luxury envelopes, diverse designs, unique touches, special occasion options, textured elegance, pocket fold charm, and custom designs. Remember the timeline for ordering your stationery to ensure a stress-free experience. Your special day deserves nothing but the best!

Let’s make your wedding invitation journey seamless and unforgettable. Start designing your perfect invites today and let us bring your vision to life. Your love story deserves to be celebrated in style!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can luxury wedding envelopes enhance the overall look of my invitation suite?

Luxury wedding envelopes add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your invitation suite, setting the tone for your special day. With high-quality materials and exquisite designs, they create a lasting impression on your guests.

What are the benefits of choosing printed Kraft envelopes for wedding invitations?

Printed Kraft envelopes offer a unique and eco-friendly touch to your wedding invitations. The rustic charm of Kraft paper complements various wedding themes while adding a personalised and environmentally conscious element to your stationery.

Why should I consider custom-designed invitations for my wedding?

Custom-designed invitations allow you to showcase your personality as a couple and set the tone for your celebration. By working with designers to create bespoke stationery, you ensure that every detail reflects your unique style and vision for the big day.

How can textured envelopes elevate the elegance of my wedding stationery?

Textured envelopes add depth and sophistication to your wedding stationery. Whether it’s embossed patterns or luxurious finishes, textured envelopes create a tactile experience that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of your invitations, making them stand out to recipients.

When should I start ordering my wedding stationery to ensure timely delivery?

To ensure timely delivery of your wedding stationery, it is advisable to start the ordering process at least 4-6 months before your big day. This timeframe allows ample time for design consultations, proofs, revisions, printing, and delivery without feeling rushed or stressed about meeting deadlines.

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