All about Light Grey C6 Envelopes

Envelopes are the most adaptable kind of packing since they may be used to store and send anything flat, not just paper and cash. It is typically made from flat materials like paper, cards, or thin plastic sheets. Different-sized envelopes are designed to carry different loads. Envelopes ranging from C0 to C10 can be purchased online. In both professional and personal situations, the Light Grey C6 Envelopes available Online have found widespread adoption. C6 envelopes, which measure 114 x 162 mm, are the industry standard for mailing letters, greeting cards, and other small things. Because of this, they are both inexpensive and convenient, as they offer a small area on which to express one’s creative side or to write.

Which envelope size, C6 or C7, do you recommend?

Standard C6 envelopes measure 114 mm by 162 mm and are popular. These compact envelopes accommodate a folded A5 sheet or two folded A4 sheets. They can be made at a low price and provide a condensed canvas for an imaginative design and content.

The length, width, and height of a C6 envelope in metric and imperial units

C6 Envelope paper format.

Measures 162 x 114 mm (16.2 x 11.4 cm) in millimetres and centimetres, respectively.

6.38 x 4.49 inches (inches)

The usage of C6 Envelopes is recommended

Size-wise, these envelopes are convenient for a wide range of advertising uses. You can use them for invitations, and they also have enough room for A5 flyers and other promotional materials. Customers and potential customers will appreciate the extra effort you’ve made to impress them by placing promotional items in an envelope. Adding a unique layout consistent with your brand’s aesthetic can help your direct mail campaign stand out from the crowd.

To maximise its usefulness, your business should take advantage of the many options a custom C6 envelope provides over a standard flyer. It represents a streamlined approach to delivering your offline marketing materials to customers in one convenient package. These C6 envelopes are perfect for sending more personalised content to your audiences, such as postcards or greeting cards.

C6 envelopes are the best size for fitting coupons, flyers, or personal information like postcards and greeting cards into your mailing campaign.

C6 envelope printing resolution

You’ll need to adjust the resolution if you want a sharp C6-sized image. At 300 dots per inch, this would measure 162 mm by 114 mm (pixels per inch). Using this configuration guarantees a strong, high-quality image. Make sure to draw in some bleeding! Having a bleed of 3mm on all sides of your design will prevent a white border from appearing in the final printed result. Don’t know how to make bleed? The bleed may be added in InDesign using the program’s built-in feature. Adding it manually in Photoshop is also a possibility. Make sure to add the bleed after checking the product template you’ll use to create your order.


An envelope template for Light Grey C6 Envelopes Online sizes allows anyone to quickly and easily design their own set of custom, eye-catching envelopes. Some of these potential uses are budget envelopes, money envelopes, and greeting card envelopes.

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