Everything about the C6 Envelopes Size

An envelope is the most versatile packaging since it may protect and transport paper, money, or other flat items. Flat materials like paper, cards, or thin plastic sheets are typical for its construction. Envelopes come in various sizes, each suited to transporting specific items. C0 to C10 size envelopes are commercially available. The Orange C6 Envelopes For Sale is widely used in both private and business settings. The standard C6 envelope is 114 x 162 mm and is commonly used for transporting business correspondence, greeting cards, and similar items. This makes them easy on the wallet while providing a compact canvas for artistic design and writing.

The C6 envelope’s measurements in metric and imperial systems

  •         C6 Envelope paper format
  •         Dimensions in Millimeters: 162 x 114 mm
  •         Dimensions in Centimeters: 16.2 x 11.4 cm
  •         Dimensions in Inches: 6.38 x 4.49 in

The Use of Flyers and Folded Leaflets

  •         Flyers and folded flyers can be printed cheaply to promote a business or event.
  •         Order Flyers

Why should you use C6 Envelopes?

Various advertising goals are possible with these envelopes because of their size. They are the perfect size for A5 flyers and other tiny promotional papers so that you may use them for invites or any other correspondence. Customers and potential customers will appreciate your extra effort by sending out promotional items in envelopes. And if you add a creative layout consistent with your brand’s aesthetic, your direct mail campaign will stand out from the crowd.

To maximise its usefulness, your business should take advantage of the many options a custom C6 envelope provides over a standard flyer. You see it as a method to consolidate your offline marketing efforts and effectively reach out to customers. Postcards and greeting cards can be quickly sent to your target group, which is a good fit for this C6 envelope size.

In general, C6 envelopes are the best size for fitting coupons, flyers, or more intimate information like postcards and greeting cards into your mailing campaign.

C6 Envelope Printing Resolution

You’ll need to adjust the resolution if you want a sharp C6-sized image. At 300 dots per inch, the dimensions would be 162 x 114 mm (pixels per inch). Using this configuration guarantees a sharp, high-quality image. Remember to include bleed in your designs! If you want your printed goods to arrive without a white border, leave a 3 mm bleed around all four sides of your design. Confused about how to implement bleed? With the help of a built-in tool in In Design, bleed can be added with minimal effort. You’d have to apply it manually in Photoshop, but it offers free templates to get you started. Refer to the product template to ensure the bleed is correctly included in your purchase.


Anyone can use a template for an Orange C6 Envelopes For Sale to create a set of unique, visually striking envelopes for their use. Greeting card envelopes, currency envelopes, and budget envelopes are just some of the many possible benefits of these.

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